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Biological products with systemic action are mostly injectable. However oral medications are the first choice of patients. Proteoral is the solution as it transports biological active pharmaceutical ingredients through the intestine, using pills instead of shots.
Proteoral is friendly to humans and the planet.

It will generate a unique differential by making your product not need injections and being administered orally.
More than 350, 000, 000 people depend on injections to control their disease.80 % prefer the oral route and soon 100 % will know the benefits of your oral biological medicinal product
Through oral biological medicinal products, more patients maintain their therapy over time.
The manufacturing costs of an oral drug are 80 % cheaper than the same injectable product.
Your market is enhanced by more than 80 %

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Safety for your company and patients

Safe and effective Proteoral

Our versatile formulation platform protects your active ingredients in capsules and releases them in the small intestine.The active ingredient is absorbed with Proteoral into the bloodstream.
Proteoral is a safe and effective excipient that accelerates the speed to market of your oral biologic medicinal product.

Why choose us

Proteoral is a recombinant protein produced by biotechnology with low manufacturing costs.Its mechanism of action is completely innocuous, it opens the intercellular junctions of the intestine and transports your product to the bloodstream, reaches the target site and fulfills its therapeutic action. Be a pioneer in your segment with your oral biological medicinal product!

High Quality Oral Biologics medicinal products by Design.

Faster pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies.

GLP / GMP lots of oral biologics for preclinical and clinical phases.

Support for technical transfer to the manufacturing site.

Production support and on - site troubleshooting.

Friendly to humans and the planet.


We benefit the lives of humans by transforming the industry through oral biological medicines.


To be a prefered partner in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine by incorporating new products and scientific discoveries into the market.


Through our ethics, commitment to medicine, and global vision, we contribute to Wellness and Health with a global impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biological activity of Proteoral?
Proteoral is a pore-forming protein opening the intercellular junctions of the small intestine.

What is the type of transportation?
Biologics active ingredients are transported by paracellular transepithelial passage through the small intestine and absorbed into the bloodstream.

What are the molecules it transports?
Proteoral can transport macromolecules: Hormones, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, polysaccharides and other macromolecules.

Is there any size limit for loading?
Proteoral transports macromolecules from peptides from 5 Kda to more than 147 Kda.

When does Proteoral have its peak activity?
The activity of Proteoral begins 20 minutes after the release of the product in the intestine, and the greatest absorption is achieved 2 hours after oral -administration.

What is the region of maximum absorption in the intestine?
The region of maximum absorption is the duodenum and jejuno-ileum in the small intestine.


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